ZIPP Speed Weaponry 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheels **FREE Wheel Bag with Wheelset


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In the past two years, the 303 has emerged as one of the most formidable wheels in the pro peloton, with wins in the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, the Tour of Flanders and more. Its speed, light weight, and utter reliability have been proven in pro cycling’s most demanding races.


In 2010, the 303 made history by becoming the first carbon wheelset to win cycling’s two most famous Cobbled Classics, Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders. Its wider rim provided extra durability, and improved aerodynamics. That wider rim also led to the development of our revolutionary Firecrest® platform, and now the revolution has come full circle.


The 303 has been completely redesigned with Firecrest® shaping. The Carbon Clincher preserves the aerodynamic advantages of its tubular brother, while adding the convenience of a clincher tire. And at just 1,498 g, it’s light enough to climb up the steepest gradients with ease.


All of the hallmark characteristics of the 303 have improved with the Firecrest Carbon Clincher. The Firecrest shaping optimizes the aerodynamic profile of both the front half and the back half of the wheel. In addition, Firecrest moves the center of pressure of the wheel backwards, giving the 45 mm-deep rim the crosswind stability a box-section rim. At the same time, the 26.2 mm-wide brake track allows the clincher tire to take on a wider, more stable shape without compromising rolling resistance. It’s faster, simpler, and more stable. Or as Zipp technical director Josh Poertner puts it, Firecrest is “lightning in a bottle.”


The new wheels retain all the small details that make Zipp wheels what they are. Exposed spoke nipples sit in the aerodynamic shadow of the rims, keeping serviceability simple without compromising speed. And our signature ABLC™ rim dimples squeeze every last second of performance possible. To complete the package, Zipp has refined its venerable 88/188 hubset, reshaping the hub body and pushing the non-drive-side flange and bearing out by 7.5 mm on the rear hub to increase overall stiffness and strength. The complete wheelsets come in two distinct colors. The stealthy Beyond Black versions feature black anodized hubs, black spokes and black decals. The Falcon Grey wheelsets have a more classic look, with gray anodized hubs, silver spokes and white decals.


Tire Bead Inside to Inside 17.25mm
Brake Track Top 25.14mm
Brake Track Bottom 27.57mm
Recommended Tire Width 23-32mm
Max recommended rider weight 225lbs
Front Wheel
Weight 680g
Rim Used x45
Hub Used 88
Rim Depth 45mm
Aero Width 28.50mm
Spoke Count 18
Spoke Pattern Radial
Spoke Length 258mm
Max Tire Pressure 125psi
Track Adaptable Yes
Dimpled Surface Yes
Ceramic Bearing After-market
External Nipples Yes
Rear Wheel
Weight 818g
Rim Used x45
Hub Used 188
Rim Depth 45mm
Aero Width 28.50mm
Nominal Tire Bed Width 17.25mm
Spoke Count 24
Spoke Length Non-Drive 258mm
Spoke Pattern Non-Drive Cross
Spoke Pattern Drive Radial
Spoke Length Drive 246mm
Max Tire Pressure 125psi
Track Adaptable No
Dimpled Surface Yes
Ceramic Bearing After-market
External Nipples Yes


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