Werner Paddles Sherpa Carbon Paddle-Bent

  • Our Price: $390.00



The Sherpa is an amazingly smooth and responsive moderate play boat and river running design. The blades are evenly balanced so the catch is clean and immediately powerful while smooth through out the entire stroke. The Neutral Bent Shaft positions your hands for the best balance, comfort and control, helping to reduce arm fatigue.



* Mid-sized blades, ideal for river running and moderate freestyle.
* Balanced blade design and stroke.
* Powerful and smooth from catch to release.
* Lightweight and responsive.

Blade Specs:

* Carbon
* Size: 46x19.5cm, 18.1"x 7.7"
* 680sq cm
* Asymetrical

Shaft Specs:

* Carbon
* Neutral Bent Shaft
* 45° Feather
* Right Hand Control

Paddle Weight:

* 964g (34oz) at 197cm

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