Werner Paddles Athena Carbon Paddle

  • Our Price: $390.00



The Athena matches Werner's Kalliste as the ultimate low-angle touring paddle. The Athena's smaller blades pull effortlessly through each stroke allowing you to use a faster cadence when you want to get up to cruising speed.



# Foam core design has a light and buoyant stroke.
# Dihedral blade face creates a smooth forward stroke.
# Light-weight, smooth and elegant - gentle on your joints.

Blade Specs:

# Carbon, Foam Core
# Size:48cm x 15cm, 18.9" x 5.9"
# 550sq cm
# Asymmetrical

Shaft Specs:

# Carbon
# Straight Shaft
# Adjustable Ferrule 0-75°
# Two piece

Paddle Weight:

# 623g (22 oz.) at 220cm

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