Tifosi Vogel Sunglasses

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Frame/Lens Option


No frames mean nothing is obstructing your view.  Whether you're on the trail or hitting the streets the Tifosi Vogel provides all day eye protection.  Fototec lenses adjust from light to dark as the sun gets stronger, and back again when the clouds come out.  The high speed red lenses are the darkest fototec lens in Tifosi's line making them perfect for days when the sun is its strongest, and the ec fototec lens helps with depth perception on the trail.

The Vogel best fits a small to large face profile.  This frame is a great choice for women,

Lens Options:

  • EC fototec (56 to 17% light transmission) filters blue light enhancing your "green reading".  This makes contours of the trail more visible
  • HS red fototec (35 to 12% light transmission) is the darkest lens making it great for sunny summer days.
All Tifosi eyewear come with a lifetime lens replacement policy. Scratch the lens, send it in with $10 to help cover postage and you've got yourself a new lens.

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