Topeak PrepStation Kit

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Topeak Prep Station Kit includes 39 Shop level tools packaged in a 5 level Wheeled carrying case.
  • Tools Included by Kit Level:
    1st Level (empty):
    - Small Parts Compartment
    2nd Level (9 sets):
    - DuoHex Tool 6mm TPS-SP02
    - DuoHex Tool 8mm TPS-SP03
    - DuoHex Tool 10mm TPS-SP04
    - T-Handle DuoHex 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm TPS-SP01
    - Wrench Set
    3rd Level (8 sets):
    - 8/10mm Double 8/10mm Open End Spanner
    - All Speeds Chain Tool TPS-SP08 for multi speed chain (up to 11 speed hollow pin chains)
    - Chain Hook and Wear Indicator TPS-SP09
    - ComboTorq Wrench Torque Range: 3-12 N.m TPS-SP07 and Bit Set with 3/4/5/6mm and T25 tool bits
    - Quad Driver 4/6mm flat head and TPS-SP06
    - #1and #2 Philips
    - Shuttle Lever Set (1 pc long/2 pcs short)
    - SuperSteel Tire Lever TPS-SP10
    - Torx Wrench Set T7/T9/T10/T15/T20/ TPS-SP05
    - T25/T27/T30
    4th Level (9 sets):
    - Adjustable Spanner (adjust 0-29mm)
    - Cable and Housing Cutter TPS-SP16
    - Chainring Nut Wrench TPS-SP11
    - DuoSpoke Wrench 13G/4.3mm TPS-SP13
    - DuoSpoke Wrench 14G/15G TPS-SP14
    - DuoSpoke Wrench M7/M9 TPS-SP15
    - Needle Nose Pliers
    - PowerLink Pliers TPS-SP12 for easy release of master links
    - Side Cutting Pliers
    5th Level (8 sets):
    - Bottom Bracket Tool TPS-SP17
    - Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool TPS-SP18
    - Cassette Lockring Wrench TPS-SP22
    - Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover TPS-SP21
    - Hydraulic Caliper Press TPS-SP23 fits all hydraulic disc brakes
    - Pedal Wrench 15mm (15mm open end wrench) TPS-SP20
    - RotorTru Truing disc rotor TPS-SP24
    - Universal Crank Puller TPS-SP19
    6th Level (5 sets):
    - Half Round Rasp
    - Rubber Mallet
    - Sprocket Clean Brush
    - Threadless Nut Setter TPS-SP25 for installing star-flanged nuts with 1" and 1-1/8" threadless head set system
    - Threadless Saw Guide TPS-SP26
  • Plenty of extra storage capacity for small parts, cleaning and lube supplies
  • Wheels and folding handle for easy transport
  • Tools fit nicely into foam fitting, 5-level swing out trays

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