DZ Nuts DZ Nutz Women's Bliss Chamois Cream 4 fl. oz. Tube

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This elegant pro grade chamois cream for women provides the comfort and lubricious saddle glide required for top level training and racing.
  • Scientifically formulated for a women's sensitive skin
  • Moisture absorbing polymers isolate excess moisture, protecting delicate skin against the chamois
  • Pre/Probiotic complex encourages the growth of beneficial skin flora, inhibits pathogenic yeast, and reduces the chance of infection
  • Strengthens natural biological skin defenses and promotes healing in previously damaged skin
  • Decreases itching, prickling and discomfort and offers the same pro-level protection as DZ Pro chamois cream, without the tingling sensation
Item Specifications
Unit of Sale4 oz
Ounces4fl oz

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