Topeak Joe Blow ACE Floor Pump

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Joe Blow Ace features an innovative three-stage design that achieves both high pressures (260 PSI) and high volume in record time.
  • Anodized aluminum barrel with an oversize padded handle
  • Extra long hose attaches to the hose dock on the barrel for safe keeping
  • Head: SmartHead
  • Stage one opens both barrels for big volume to reach 60 psi with 30% less effort than standard floor pumps
  • Stage two uses the main barrel only for pressures up to 120 psi
  • Stage three engages the small barrel to achieve 260 psi
  • Base mounted, analog guage
  • Pressure Tuning: Air Release Button
  • Base: Aluminum/Rubber
  • Dunlop Valve Adapter
  • German Mountain Bike Magazine gave the Joe Blow Ace an outstanding rating for 2010
Item Specifications
Hose Length43ins

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