Topeak Road Master Blaster Frame Pump: XL~ Fits 59-64cm~ Usable Length 52-57cm

  • Our Price: $27.95


The Road Master Blaster pump features a long, machine-cut aluminum barrel that inflates road tires quickly and comes in 4 sizes to fit most road frames.
  • Fits 59 - 64 cm Frame Sizes (23.2 - 25.2 in)
  • Usable Length 52-57cm
  • Spring loaded handle unlocks and expands to fit between frame tubes and locks for pumping efficiency
  • Machined aluminum barrel and thumblock
  • Soft Kraton head and plastic handle for increased grip
  • Integrated dust cap keeps head clean and ready to use
  • Head: Presta/Schrader
  • Padded pump head with internal handle lock
  • Butted aluminum is lightweight and durable
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