Portland Design Works (PDW) Full Metal Fenders 700x23-25

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  • List Price: $120.00


Made of anodized aluminum and adorned with laser graphics and an embossed alloy head badge, the Full Metal Fenders are a beautiful complement to any road bike. They provide full-wrap coverage, even shielding riders behind you from tire spray thanks to the sturdy rubber mudflaps.

The Full Metal Fenders are designed to fit road bikes that are difficult to install full coverage fenders on. They have special hardware to get around caliper brakes and under forks, even add-on mounts for bikes that lack eyelets to mount fender stays to.

Safety release tabs ensure your wheels will keep turning even if debris gets lodged between the fender and tire.

  • Designed for bikes with 700x23 tires
  • Extruded alloy construction with gunmetal anodized finish
  • Extra long wrap to keep toes dry
  • Mudflaps extend coverage
  • Safety bracket release if an object becomes jammed between fender and tire
  • Add-on eyelets for bikes without eyelets
  • Cut out to fit through narrow forks
  • Laser etched Portland Design Works logo on rear fender
  • Alloy badge on front fender

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