McNett M Essentials Iron Mend Neoprene Repair Patch

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M Essentails offers a range of products to repair garments.
  • Ideal for Neoprene dry suits, waders, wetsuits, gloves, boots and accessories, orthopedic supports, lycra body suits and other non-neoprene articles
  • Repairs are done in seconds using an ordinary household iron
  • Protects against abrasion with a BARRITEX protective lining
  • Patch is made with stretch fabric that allows flexibility and comfort
  • Extends garment life and protects user investment
  • Reusable heat shielding paper provides heat protection
  • Includes: 10 x 6" Knee-Pad Patch, Reusable Heat Shielding and Detailed Instructions
Item Specifications
Unit of Sale1 Patch

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