Nuun Cucumber Mint

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U Natural Hydration Cucumber Mint is a lightly flavored hydration drink that delivers essential electrolytes and vitamins in a convenient effervescent tablet, without added sugars or artificial sweeteners.
Vitamins to keep you going strong: Each tablet contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and a variety of B Vitamins as well as other essential elements to boost immunity and support healthy activity.
Essential electrolytes for fluid balance: Each tube contains 16 tablets. Each tablet makes 16 ounces of U Hydration and delivers 180 mg Sodium / 77 mg Potassium / 20 mg Magnesium.
Naturally delicious: Four unique flavors feature Goji Berry Green Tea, Cucumber Mint, Tangerine Ginger and Lemon Chai flavors with zero sugar and fewer than 8 calories per tablet.


Sold as a 4 pack or by the tube!

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