Vittoria Mastik One Tubular Tire Glue - 250g Can

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Little tubes of tire glue are great, but for those of us that use it up before we even get it home there is a larger, 250g can. The only way to ensure proper installation of your road or cyclocross tires is to have enough cement on hand when you need it.  The worst thing that could happen is running out of glue while mounting a new set of tires, and having a not-so-solid bond on your rim. The Vittoria Mastik One 250 gram can gives you the quantity you need without having to skimp on the glue and squeeze to get the last bit out. Resealable 'paint-like' can lid allows you to reuse again and again. Rely on what the best mechanics and tubular tire users have relied on for decades.

250 gram can

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