Crescent Moon Gold 9 Hiking Snowhoes **FREE Snowshoe Tote Bag**

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The Crescent Moon Gold 9 is hands down one of the best selling snowshoes on the market.  It has a unique teardrop shape and is sized to make it ideal for walking around on any terrain, and is so versatile any snowshoer up to 195 lbs (with gear) can use them. The Gold 9s have a more responsive feel thanks to the SPL (single pull loop) binding, and the new stabilizers help make it one of the most athletic and maneuverable shoes you can buy.Chosen as the gold standard by many Nordic centers, touring guides and other professionals for its ease of use and perfect all-around size, the Gold 9 is an outstanding choice for a great snowshoe excursion.


  • 3.9 lbs recommended for snowshoers up to 195 lbs (with gear)
  • 9 x 27 in teardrop shaped frame
  • SPL binding system provides perfect performance fit
  • 3 stainless steel crampon system featuring the "toe" claw design

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