Wheels Manufacturing Wheels Mfg. Derailleur Hanger - 70

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Wheels Manufacturing Derailleur Hangers with 1 Chainring Bolt.
  • Ibis: 2009: Mojo, Tranny 2008 Mojo, Tranny
  • Intense: 2009: Spider 2008 5.5, 6.6, 29, 5.5 Pro, Fro, Spider Prouzzi SlL, Trazer, Trazer VP, 5.5 EVP
  • OEM hangers are only produced by a handful of manufacturers, mostly in Taiwan in China. As a result, you will see many bikes with exactly the same hanger. Bicycle manufacturers may make mid year changes. Please use the hanger photos to select the proper hanger for your application
  • Wheels Manufacturing Derailleur hangers come with the required hardware to attach to the frame
Item Specifications
FitsIbis, Intense

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