Shimano R55C4 Road Brake Pads for Carbon Rims Pair

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Replacement pads for Road brake shoes
  • All cartridges fit BR-9000,7800,7700,6600,6500,R600,5600,5500, and 5501
  • R55C4: high-end race brake pad with excellent wet and dry performance
  • R55C4 blue compound carbon rim pads has improved power and durability over the old brown compound
  • R55C2 compound performs well in dry conditions, tends to be low noise, highly resistant to wear in rainy conditions
  • R55C+1 shoe thickness is 1mm thicker than R55C
  • R55C compound performs well in dry conditions and tends to be low noise, wears in rainy conditions
  • R55C3 compound performs well in wet or dry conditions
Item Specifications
Post Mount TypeReplacement Insert-Road
Pad UseCarbon Rim
Brake FitRoad Caliper

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