Carslisle Carlisle Magic Plus Paddle

  • Our Price: $109.95



Quality and performance at a great price. The Carlisle Magic Plus Touring Paddle is perfect for beginners, intermediates or anyone looking for a solid back-up paddle.

* The fiberglass-filled polypropylene blades are lightweight and durable.
* The blades are asymmetrical and slightly spoon shaped for an efficient and powerful stroke.
* The lightweight , flexible fiberglass shaft is two-piece and can be set at 0 or 60-degree feather, left- or right-hand control.
* Colorful blade is highly visible for safety.


Blade Specs:
* Glass-filled polypropylene
* Asymmetrical
* 17.5" x 7"
Shaft Specs:
* Fiberglass
* 2 piece, straight
* 0 or 60 degree feather
* Left or right hand control
Paddle Weight: 35.6 oz (220 cm)

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